Rapid Shot Shooting Lane & Danglez Zone

RapidShot Shooting Lane & Danglez Zone


With our Rapid Shot shooting system currently on the way, the manufacturer has given us a great starter package.  Each player will receive their very own FREE personalized swipe card.


The Rapid Shot is equipped with a full analytics package!


Each player receives their own individual swipe card to track every aspect of their shot, speed, accuracy, reaction time, # of pucks shot, and the list goes on.  Players can also compare their stats with other athletes from the area, other players and teams across Alberta – Canada – and around the world!


To get a free card for the Rapid Shot send an email to admin@elev8hockeyperformance.ca with your players name as you want it to appear on the card.  Also feel free to forward this info to any of your hockey family you think will want their FREE card.  It will be waiting for you on your first visit!


We also have 3 shooting lanes and a dedicated goalie lane complete with a puck machine!  From 1 on 1, to semi private sessions – we have it all going on with full synthetic ice so players can practice in skates or indoor shoes.


RapidShot Automatic Shooting Lane:

  • $0.50/Minute
  • Booked in 30 minute time slots or increments
  • 1-4 shooters at a time


Danglez Shooting Lanes and Stick Handling Zone:

  • $0.50/Minute
  • 3 shooting lanes available
  • Booked in 30 minute time slots or increments
  • 1 shooter per lane a session

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